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I attended the Training Seminar “The Road to the Sale" in August of 2002, Presented by Auto Sales Training Group. Not only did I learn the 10 steps to the Road to the Sale, the seminar also included Prospecting, Fielding Objections and how to close the deal. The skills I acquired helped me become one of the top performers in the dealership. The training is thorough and professional. I would recommend it to anyone who is either getting into the Career of sales or already in sales to give themselves another aspect to increase sales. I love my job.

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The Road to the Sale, selling skills are vital to the success of any organization and its employees. The ability to persuade others is a fundamental skill for success and often, survival in today's workplace. Our affordable certified training program offers sales training tips, and articles on closing, prospecting, selling, and listening skills, negotiation, time management, and overcoming objections


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