Testimonials from people we trained to be professionals in auto sales 


Seven consecutive years of being named salesperson of the year. Upon my journey South, leaving my homeland of Ohio, I ventured out where my family had moved, Spartanburg, S.C. During my journey, I crossed the path of Roger Newbold, an impressive mentor who taught me what I have grown to love and to succeed in... The car business. An educated female with a northern drawl, and a southern wish led me to the diversity and challenge of a sales position. As the business changes daily, and my customer base grows, I learned one thing, training and preparation of what's ahead, only leads to mass success for yourself and the dealership. Thanks Roger. Shawnn Dennis ...


I attended the Training Seminar “The Road to the Sale" in August of 2008, Presented by Job Training USA . Not only did I learn the 10 steps to the Road to the Sale, the seminar also included Prospecting, Fielding Objections and how to close the deal. The training is thorough and professional. I would recommend it to anyone who is either getting into the Career of sales or already in sales to give themselves another aspect to increase sales…

Comille Byars



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