Who we Are? we are professional sales trainers for career people in the Auto Sales Business.

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Roger Newbold a 39 year veteran of sales and management
founded Auto Sales Training Group in 1995. throughout his career
Roger prospered, and found the kind of success that seemed to
elude his colleagues. Roger credits his success to a simple philosophy-
find a system that's works and stick to it. Through many years of
hard work and dedication, he did exactly that. And the program he
offers is the outline for success that he has drawn.


Susan has been managing client relations and customer service

for Auto Sales Training Group since its founding in 1995. In this role, she is also responsible for the planning and execution of our website and training curriculum.
A project coordinator with more than 20 years under her belt, Susan has a broad base of experience ranging from residential real estate to managing business operation and leadership for a non-profit.

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